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The Department of Social Development commenced the 2014/15 financial year earnestly and fully aware of the challenges that face the civil society not only in KwaZuluNatal but in the whole of South Africa. The challenges facing the people of KwaZulu-Natal still relate to issues of poverty, inequality, and unemployment and we continued implementing our programs as determined in our Strategic Plans as well as our Provincial Growth and Development Strategy.

We were sensitive to the plight facing our most vulnerable group such as people with disability and the elderly. Awareness programs on human rights for the elderly and protocols on the management of the elderly people were fully implemented in all Districts. The Department has also worked hard in addressing issues affecting the people with disability and collaborated with the private sector in ensuring that the needs of the disabled are catered for.

Many families in KwaZulu-Natal are faced with a number of challenges which impact negatively on their ability to sustain themselves and care for their members. These challenges are a consequence of a variety of pathologies and have negative consequences to the wellbeing of family members. The Department has during the year under review implemented a number of interventions including parenting programs, fatherhood programs and family preservation programs.

In an effort to address the issues affecting Child Care and their Protection, the Department has focused on the implementation of the Child Protection Register and in collaboration with other stakeholders implemented the protocol for the management of child abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The Department also made significant progress in addressing foster care backlog thus complying with the North Gauteng Court Order. In collaboration with other stakeholders such Ilifa Labantwana we made significant progress in the implementation of non-centre based ECD programs,

The Department is has continued rendering its services in partnership with the Departments of Health and Education, municipalities and other stakeholders in responding to the scourge of HIV and Aids, which play an oversight role to ensure implementation of the Multi-Sectoral Provincial Strategic Plan for HIV and Aids,

The levels of gender-based violence in the province of KwaZulu-Natal remain unacceptably high, requiring a change in strategy and greater collaboration between all stakeholders in our province to address and eradicate this scourge. In the 2014/15 financial year, the Department has ensured that more victims of crime and violence have access to psycho-social support services as well as access to shelters for victims of crime and violence.Whilst focusing on issues on social welfare the Department has not neglected its responsibility of addressing community development issues. Our youth and women development issues have always taken a priority and the issues of poverty and food security have taken precedence. The Department took an active role in the development of the poverty eradication master plan and further partnered with institutions of higher learning in ensuring that our youth are not left out.

The Department wishes to acknowledge and appreciate the role played by our non-profit organisation in rendering services to the people of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The Department also wishes to express gratitude to the oversight bodies such as the Auditor General, SCOPA, Finance and Social Development Committee, We also appreciate the services rendered by the employees of the Department.


Mrs Weziwe Thusi
MEC of the Department of Social Development
31 July 2015 , Annual Report 2014/15

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